How to create media list

A media list is the very foundation of media emails. Think of it as your prospect list with extra data. This data can be used to generate unique media files for each prospect on your list.

Go to Studio and follow the flow as in the video below.

Understanding expected fields

The media list requires you to upload an email list, a video and configure your video landing page CTA.

Email list

Email lists are synced across the entire Murlist tools. This means that email lists uploaded for verification can be used for generating a media list email campaign.

You will be required to upload an email list if you don't already have one, or select from a list of existing email lists.

Landing Video

This video will be used to create unique video landing pages. It is important to understand that this is where offers should be made. Most prospects watch this video so pay give it your best.

Greeting video

This can be a mute video of just you waving at the camera. Should be around 10-20 seconds. This will be used for in-mail personalization

Landing page CTA

You will be required to configure the landing page CTA button and the CTA link. For instance "Schedule a meeting" with a link leading to your website.

Depending on the template used, other fields might be required.

We recommend using your own custom domain for the landing page. Ideally, you want the landing page domain to match with your sender domain. Here is how to set up a custom domain for the video landing page.

Once completed, head over to how to create a campaign with video email to start sending emails.

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