Email verification
Documentation and guide on email verification features and how-to's
The Murlist email verification tool helps to validate the existence of a mailbox before attempting to send emails. This helps you avoid bounce, maintain a good sender reputation, and maximize the ROI on cold email outreach. We added this feature to help unify important steps to sending a successful campaign under one roof.

Ways to verify email:

There are just two ways to verify an email list, the email verification search bar, and the upload email list method. The email verification search bar is primarily for verifying emails one by one. Only the resulting message is returned. Bulk upload on the other hand allows you to verify an email list using csv.
Single email validation with search bar

Bulk email verification:

To verify an email list, upload a CSV file with any of the following fields:
  • email
  • emails
  • e-mail
  • e-mails
  • email address
  • email addresses
You can see a sample file here.
These are the acceptable name for the email columns. There can be other fields and columns, our system ignores other columns and only look for columns name with any in the above list.
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