Add prospect to campaign

Add new prospect to an existing campaign
Required data:
In the request body, include data as follows:
"campaign": "txxxxxxsiidoS8w8YER7xxxxxZBFV", //the campaign Id
"prospect_email": "[email protected]",
"other_fields": {"name": " Ikenna Paschal", "anyKey": "anyValue"},
"verify_email": true //false

Understanding the required data:

campaign: This should be the id of the campaign you want to add the prospect to. This can be gotten by calling the list campaign API which returns campaigns and their ids
prospect_email: This should be the email of the prospect you wish to add to an existing campaign.
other_fields: This should be an object(dictionary) of other attributes of this prospect like age, name, location. A combination of key/value pairs. These attributes are used in personalization.
verify_email: This verifies the prospect's email before adding them to a campaign if set to true and will skip verification if set to false. important to mention that the decision to send to prospect based on the verification status is made at the campaign level, during the campaign creation configuration.

What this API returns:

On successful addition, the API should return a status code 201, with the message, "Added successfully".
If you need any help in implementing this API, be sure to reach out to us at [email protected]. We are always happy to help.
Last modified 1yr ago