Configure Zoho IMAP & SMTP

Configuration guide for Zoho
To be able to use Zoho mailbox on Murlist, it has to be a paid account as Zoho restricts IMAP access on free accounts if you are using your company domain instead of

Add Your Mailbox's SMTP & IMAP details:

For mailboxes using company's domain, use:
SMTP: Host: Port: 587 or 465 User: Your email address Password: Your email password
IMAP: Host: Port: 993 User: Your email address Password: Your email pass

Enable mailbox IMAP:

  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate to accounts mail accounts and select the mailbox to update.
  • Enable IMAP and save.
  • Under the IMAP section, click Launch folder settings.
enable IMAP for Zoho email
Select the folders to permit and save.
If you experience any troubles, please reach out at [email protected]