How to setup domain or subdomain for video landing page

The landing page domain allows you to host the videos your users are sent on your own domain.
Each sender account has its own landing page domain configuration option. If you can, use a subdomain of the sender account for the landing page domain setup. This greatly improves deliverability as everything is coming from the same domain.

How to setup domain or subdomain for landing page

Go to MurList - Automated Personalized Video Cold Emailing

2. Click on the profile icon

Click on image

3. Click on Settings

Click on Settings

4. Click on Email account

Click on Email account

5. Click on highlight

Click on configure mailbox icon

6. On the landing page option, click on edit →

Click on edit →

7. Type the subdomain or domain you want to use.

configure subdomain

8. Verify custom domain:

  • Configure your domain or subdomain to point to (as a CNAME)
  • Click on verify domain