How to create web property

A comprehensive guide on how to create web properties for the web lead tracking.

Web properties are individual Web Lead instances that provide a unique tracking code. This could be added to a web app or a website. Each instance is independent of the other. Instances should be created for one project or startup. Say you are working on Murlist, you will have to create just one property for Murlist and add the code on all user-facing websites and web apps owed by Murlist to centralize the leads generated. In this case, one instance will be created for,, You get the idea.

To create a web property, go to the lead manager.

Click on "create new property" as in the picture below:

Give the property a name. This could be anything, it is meant for your identification only.

Add the domains authorized to send leads to this property

That's all. Now head over to the integration guide here to learn how to add your website to the leads.

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