Creating a campaign with video email

Learn the fundamentals of creating a campaign here.

To send a media email, you have to first create a media list. A media list is where you give us the data to use in sending emails to your prospects. Learn how to create a media list here.

Once you have your media list created, you will have to go to the create campaign section.

Click here to go to create a campaign. You can change the workspace if you need to.

Select a list

The first thing you will need to do is to select a list. This is important as the media list that will appear in the dropdown, the personalization tags will be filtered to only be from the list you select.

Craft an email

Click on the media list dropdown. You will see the media list associated with the email list you selected earlier.

Can't find your media list in the dropdown?

It is important to note that only the media lists associated with the email list you selected in the add email step will be available for selection. if this dropdown is empty, be sure you selected the right email list.

Once you have selected your list, everything else remains the same as sending a regular email as described here.

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