How to integrate web leads pixel

How to integrate The Web Leads pixel on your app or website.

To get started with The Web Leads, you will have to complete these two steps.

  • Create a web property.

  • Add the pixel to your app.

Create a web property

To learn more about web property and how to create one, follow the guide here.

Add the pixel to your web app or website.

Upon creation of web property, a unique tracking pixel will be generated. You can see it by clicking on the setup details as in here:

Next, copy the pixel:

The next step is to add this to the head tag of your website or web application.

That is all.

N.B: The default pixel looks like this:

<script async defer data-domain="" src="" />

But can also be implemented this way:

        })(window, document, "murlist", "script", "yourId")

Replace "yourId" in the sample code above with the web lead property's ID you wish to integrate.

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