Configure AWS SES

Step-by-step guide on setting up and configuring AWS SES for warming.

There are two steps involved in the integration of AWS SES for sending emails.

  • Configure your domain correctly on AWS.

  • Get SMTP details.

  • Add your details to

Configure your domain on AWS.

For most users, this step is usually completed already. Amazon has a help article on how to add your domain here:

Next, ensure all DKIM and mail from are well configured. This is very important as it can make or break your campaign efforts.


Ensure you are in the same region and click on "SMTP setting". Copy SMTP details as in the picture (label 2). Then create an SMTP credentials by clicking the "create My SMTP Credentials" as in the picture below.

The likes of AWS SES, SendGrid, SendinBlue do not provide IMAP. So you will need the IMAP of another mail provider like Google, Zoho, AWS Workmail, etc. A general rule is to use the IMAP of where you receive replies to your emails but we place no restrictions on this. You can use whatever IMAP you prefer. Also note, you can create a filter to keep your inbox productive and auto-archive emails from Murlist.

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