How it works

How the drip campaign works

The email drip campaign allows anyone to create an email sequence that can run over weeks and include video emails, text emails, images emails, delays, and follow-ups.

The most important thing to understand is that each action is considered a step in the drip campaign. And to create a drip campaign, you have a few drip steps available to create an email sequence:

Email (text):

This step allows you to compose unique text emails. Using special tags like and, you can dynamically create a unique email body and subject for each prospect.

Delay step:

A wait-time, in hours, between the execution of the previous step and the next step.

In the above example, there will be a delay of 24 hours after the first step is completed and the last email.

Email (image):

It works in the same way as the email text step but provides you the option to place hyper-personalized image content in an email. This image could be a unique gif of the prospects' site (you only have to provide the site URL). It could also be a mockup of the user's logo. This requires you to create a base template using the design studio and provide the assets you want dynamically replaced.

Email (video)

The video emails work the same as the image and text emails with one unique difference. The content can be video personalized for each prospect. All you have to do is upload a list and a selfie-like video. Ideally wave, or appear to greet on this video. Using this video, Murlist creates unique video content for each user.

The image and video emails are still in closed access beta. You can request access here:

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